Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good things

I am done with the heat.  It has been so hot for so long.  A cold front is suppose to come through and cool things off into the low to mid 90s.  Isn't that sad when the low to mid 90s is a welcome change?

I decided I needed to think of good things to get my mind off of the heat.  Here it goes.

  • Medicine seems to be helping with J's mysterious stomach aches so mornings are going much better around here. 
  • J's soccer practice was last night.  I never got the message so instead of spending two hours outside for both boys' practice, I got to leave after one hour!  I'm still hot and sweaty but at least I got in the cool air sooner. 
  • I found the box of caramels that my sister sent for my 40th that I hid from the kids and from myself.  I didn't want to eat them all in one day and my "only eat two a day" rule wasn't going so well.  I need to find a new hiding place so I don't finish them off tonight. 
  • J does not have a math test tomorrow.  Instead of struggling with getting him to study after a long soccer practice and praying to get them to bed by nine,  we are showered, jammied and watching the Rangers to see if we can find Daddy on tv. 
  • It's almost the weekend and it's a long weekend so maybe we'll have a chance to relax.  Of course, A has a volleyball tournament so we're already booked for Friday & Saturday.  But I can dream!

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