Monday, September 12, 2011

It sucks

I bought my pretty purple Dyson vacuums years ago.  I lived in my first house so it has been at least 10 years.  I bought it before Bed, Bath & Beyond excluded it from it 20% off coupons.  Bargain!

I loved that vacuum.  It got so much gunk out of my carpets.  It was fascinating and disgusting all at the same time.

I loved that vacuum so much I actually went to my sister's house to vacuum all of her rooms and show her how gross wonderful it was.

However, recently, I have been disappointed in my Dyson.  It didn't suck as well.  I would run the vacuum over things like popcorn kernals in the carpet and it wouldn't pick them up.  I suspected it was just getting old.  I didn't want to spring for a new one.  It is too pricy for something that doesn't last forever.

The last time I vacuumed, I flipped it over in frustration, convinced something was stuck or clogging it.  Something had to be wrong.  In tipping it this way and that, I happened to find a tiny little slit in a hose on the underside of the vacuum.  It was so tiny that I couldn't find it again when I went to show DH.  I was almost convinced I imagined the slit.   I finally pulled the hose off the vacuum and turned it around until I found the hole again.

I ordered a new one a few weeks ago and it finally arrived.  Today I vacuumed.  One room.  The playroom.  It is a big room. It is the room where the dog's cage lives and where he lies in the doorway watching us walk around him.  It is where the kids' play and eat popcorn and do crafts with little bits of string and paper.

What a difference a hose makes!


Look at all that disgusting dog hair and dust and dirt. Isn't it cool!  I can't wait to vacuum the rest of the house.  Okay, really I can.  I hate to vacuum.  But at least I'll get the thrill of the Dyson again.

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