Saturday, September 3, 2011


A decided to try a new sport this season, volleyball.  Despite the havoc that it could wreck upon my already busy schedule, I couldn't say no.  How could I say no to exercise, learning a sport and fhaving un with friends.

Of course, I also know the nature of sports at our school.  There a subset of parents, and therefore their girls, who take sports quite seriously.  A who has never played volleyball before is on a team with girls who have played club and in summer league and had private volleyball lessons.  Unfortunately they didn't make the D1 team.  These parents and girls are upset about being on a D2 team with girls who can't play.  I worry about her and handling the pressure of sports when she just wants to have fun.

This weekend was the preseason tournament.  She played her first volleyball game ever.  They lost the first game to a team who ended up going the championship round.   They won the second game in two close games.  They went to the championship of the "losers" bracket.  It was a good match and went to  a tie-breaker.  A served the final point of the second game that kept the match going.  The girls won 15-14 in the tiebreaker.  They earned a trophy and a pizza lunch at school on Tuesday with their coach!

Here's a video of A serving:

I'm proud of A.  She did a great job in her first games ever.  She handled with grace the pressure from the other girls when they lost last night.  And most of all, she had fun.

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Kristin said...

Great job A! I love how you can hear people cheering for her in the video clip.