Thursday, December 8, 2011

weekend with the girls

Last weekend, the girls came in town.  Back in the summer, one of my high school friend found out she had cancer.  Despite treatment, she vowed to continue training for the White Rock Half Marathon.  Another high school friend started running this year and I told her that we should join her.  She passed the word along and next thing there were four of us training to run with Michelle.

I, unfortunately, got sidelined with a neuroma and couldn't run the race.  The other girls made it and completed the race.  I felt horribly guilty for inducing my friends to run 13.1 miles.  Especially when the weather was awful.  It rained plus the temperature was in the 40s and dropping all morning.

However, despite me flaking on the race, it was a great weekend.  We hadn't all been together in years.  We ate and drank and celebrated and froze and had so much fun.  We need to make these reunions a regular occurance.

The birthday girls

Ready to run with DDP in hand


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