Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crawling through Christmas

After my relaxing, fun weekend with the girls last weekend, it was back to normal at home.  Busy, busy, busy.

Friday night we didn't do much.  I tried to get some work done without much success. DH & kids watched A Christmas Story.

Saturday afternoon, A had a dance performance downtown.  We decided to take advantage of the morning and visit Neiman's flagship store to check out the Christmas window.  It is a crawl-thru display.

photo courtesy of Dallas Observer

We got there right before 11am only to discover that the tunnel opened at 11:30.  We had 30 minutes to spend strolling through Neiman's.

This was the sale table piled with bags.


I perused through the stash looking for a nice new purse.   The cheapest one I found was $850.00.  Not exactly my idea of a bargain.

The tunnel opened at 11:30 and the boys got to crawl though the windows.



Afterward, we grabbed some lunch before Anna's performance.  That was a chaotic mess but A danced very well.  DH was not happy with me because he took pictures all morning long.  At then end of the performance he checked to see what the pictures looked like only to discover the message "Card missing" displaying instead.  I had taken the card out of the camera to download pictures and forgot to put it back.  So no pictures of A available.

After dance, we had a basketball game, a soccer game, and the kids went to the ILs to spend the night while DH & I went to a Christmas party.

Like I said, busy, busy, busy.

I'm looking forward to Christmas break.

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