Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School 2011

It's the first day of school today and not the best start for everyone.

J was very nervous. He was up a couple times in the middle of the night. At 6am he finally crawled in next to me crying. He said he didn't feel good. Bad mother was dismissing it has nerves making him feel sick. Then I scratched his back and realized he was hot. It wasn't nerves, it was a 101 fever. J is home sick on the first day of school.

A & B had a good morning. A was over her nerves and ready for school, looking very grown up in her new skirt. B got up without any issues, got dressed with minimal issues (only 3 sock changes before his shoes made it on his feet) and was all set for kindergarten!

Luckily, S#2 lives down the street from St. Monica.  We dropped J off to lay on her couch while we took the other two to school. 

ready to go
J didn't want his picture taken
off to school

We walked A to her class only because she forgot a bag of classroom supplies and she didn't want to carry it. I think she was embarrassed by us walking with her. She stayed several paces in front of us.

After dropping off the supplies, we took B to his classroom. He got the teacher I really wanted.  She's my best friend's sister.  He hung up his bag, got his nametag & sat down at his place to read books.  He looked up at me and whispered that he didn't know how to read.  I told him it was okay, that's why he's in kindergarten, to learn how to read. 


I pray that J gets better soon and they all have a really good year.

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