Monday, August 22, 2011

Smells like birthday

I'm 2 days away from turning 40. Since I'll spend my birthday night attending the back to school night for parents and since S#2 & family are leaving next weekend, we celebrated with the family yesterday.

My mom asked about my birthday a few weeks ago and I told what I really wanted was to have homemade ravioli. It was my birthday dinner of choice growing up. It's a labor intensive recipe so Mom didn't make it often, normally once a year for my birthday. When I got older, I started making it myself. The last time I made it was 12 years ago when I turned 28 and announced I was pregnant with A. Since having kids, I haven't found the time to make it.

Saturday we all pitched in to make the ravioli. Sunday I sat down with my plate, took a big whiff and declared that it smelled like my birthday to me! Yum.


In addition to my ravioli dinner, Mom and my niece made a mocha cake. Another Yum!



Definitely the best birthday dinner ever!


Kristin said...

Everything looks amazing! You need to post the recipe. Why are the kids holding up fingers?

Happy 2 Days Early Birthday!

simentf86 said...

Birthday meals are an excellent tradition. Hope it stays alive in your family.

susan said...

How is it that you're so young?!?! Ugh! Happy birthday - looks like you had a yummy, yummy meal!