Thursday, August 25, 2011

J's First Day of School

J was sick the first two days of school. He finally was forced went to school on Friday. We basically dragged him in the place and shoved him in the door. He wasn't too happy about it. Can't you tell by the look on his face?


 I was an awful mess. I didn't know if he was really still ill or if this was just a bad case of anxiety over going to school.  I couldn't believe that I had actually forced him to go to school and walked away from him when he was crying.  He made it a total of 3 hours before coming home with a bad stomach ache.

By afternoon he perked up and had a great weekend. He was fine until Sunday night when he realized he was going back to school again. He asked DH if he could homeschool.

Monday morning he complained again of an upset stomach. He cried and asked me if I would homeschool him.  I took him to school and peeled him off me. I told him that he was going to stay at school even with a stomach ache. Only fever or vomiting would send him home. I of course went home and cried. Being the tough mom is hard on you when you've got a sad & anxious 8 year old.

Tuesday was a little bit better. No clinging, but some tears. Still complaining about the stomach ache.

Wednesday was still a little bit better. I took to the ped to check everything out. She's running a few tests to rule out anything wrong with him. We're going dairy-free and fructose-free for a week or two to see if that helps. We have a referral to a counselor in case the anxiety doesn't lessen.

J & I had a long talk last night about it. I'm giving him another week to get over this rough transition and then we'll go talk to someone. I think maybe talking to the doctor and acknowledging all the things that could be causing his stomach aches helped him. Last night was the best he's been in a month. There was no tears at bedtime, he actually smiled and laughed a little bit.

This morning at drop off he was much better. He gave me a hug and walked to his line. Instead of running after me as I started to walk away, he stood up, said goodbye again and waved. His teacher gave me a thumbs up.

I'm praying we're getting over this hump and he can finally start enjoying 3rd grade.

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