Tuesday, August 16, 2011

life lessons

Yesterday I took the kids out for end of summer torture fun.  We saw the movie The Smurfs.  It was what I expected.

When we left the movie theater, we heard a strange noise that sounded like a bird.  It wasn't a bird but a very young puppy locked in a car in the 100+ degree Texas heat.  I had my niece with me who is a dog lover so I couldn't walk away.  Even without her there, I couldn't have walked away.
They had left the back windows cracked but that isn't enough for a dog, especially a such young one.


I wasn't sure what to do so I called 911 who patched me through to the fire department.  I went to the movie theater and told them I had called about the dog.

The fire dept arrived within minutes.


The kids were very excited that the puppy would be saved.


The firemen were very concerned but not exactly sure what to do. The doors were cracked so they spent some time trying to find a hanger to open the lock. They ended up calling the police to see if they could help get the door open.

Just when someone was able to find a hanger, the owner came out of the movie theater. They had definitely been sitting through a movie so that puppy had been locked in the car for several hours. He got the puppy out, opened the trunk, pulled out a bowl and filled it with water. The dog sprawled on the ground lapping up the water.


At that point, the man started to get mad that the fire dept was there. He said the dog had access to water (it was in a Styrofoam cup with a lid on it) and it was fine. I asked the fireman if he was going to get to keep the dog. He said there really wasn't anything they could do about it. The man was getting more angry, and since the 5 children and I were obviously the ones who had called, I herded them into the car, thanked the firemen and left.

The kids were still worried about the dog and it happening again. They insisted we should have taken the puppy, that he didn't deserve to have that dog.  I told them to pray that the man had learned his lesson and it won't happen again.


susan said...

Sick. People just have NO CLUE.

Kristin said...

One time in Evanston I saw a car parked in front of the library with an infant asleep in the car seat. No one was around. I waited several minutes and then went into the library and they called the police.

I'm glad you guys called.