Sunday, March 27, 2011

A of Green Gables

I loved, loved, loved the L. M. Montgomery books as a girl. I read and re-read the Anne series, I lost count how many times. When A was in 1st grade, we read the Anne of Green Gables book together. She didn't get into it so I didn't read anymore of the series to her. Especially after she laughed at me when I started crying while reading the part where Matthew died. Over Spring Break she found out her cousin was reading the series in Kazakhstan and suddenly has a renewed interest in the books.

This afternoon, A decided to bake cookies for her class for a party they are having this week. I told her the tollhouse recipe (yes, I have it memorized) and she set off to bake. Things were going okay until there was a spectacular crash in the kitchen. My favorite green mixing bowl had come to a disastrous end on the kitchen floor. I held my breath and put on a nice face. I told her it was an accident and helped her clean it up. I rescued some of the batter from the bowl so she could actually bake some cookies. A proceeded to clean the kitchen while the first batch of cookies baked.

While she was washing, she started naming all of the mistakes she's made in the kitchen. Putting flour instead of sugar in a cake. Forgetting to add butter to another batch of cookies. The timer buzzed and I opened the oven to see a huge mess. It was a bunch of brown goo with some chocolate chips filling the cookie sheet.

After a few questions, I figured out that she had only put 3/4 cup flour in the cookies. I told her the recipe I said to use 2 1/4 cup flour, adding 3/4 cup at a time. She when was adding the flour, I told her again, use the 3/4 cup and add flour 3 times. A totally misunderstood me and only added flour once.

I tossed the rest of the cookie batter. A was still complaining about being such a bad cook, repeating all of her mistakes again. I called her A of Green Gables. She looked at me funny until I reminded Anne always made mistakes while she was cooking. Hopefully like Anne, A will learn and never make the same mistake twice!

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Kristin said...

Poor A! You need to get her some of those Williams Sonoma melamine mixing bowls. They come in so many color combinations she's bound to find one she likes.