Friday, March 4, 2011

No turning back now

It all started with a contest on HGTV for a $10,000 house renovation. I asked DH what he would do to the house with $10k. He said he would redo the kids' baths. I agreed with him because they really need it. He asked what I would do. I said I would rip out the fireplace.

He said why don't we just paint it instead. I said if we paint the fireplace, I want to paint the whole room. He said sure.

The next thing I know ...



The dark brown is the color of our kitchen cabinets. DH asked me to try that first, but it was a no from both of us. Instead I went with what I hope is a dark grey from Benjamin Moore. It is wet and looking lighter than I wanted in these pictures. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it dries darker.

Of course if it turns out horrible, maybe I'll get to rip out the fireplace and start over without winning the $10k.

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