Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had typical saturday, very busy. First soccer game at 9am, Two soccer games at 1pm, dance rehearsal at 1:30, preschool fall fling at 4:00, World Series game #3 at 5:30, Halloween party at 6:00 and one halloween costume to make. With a little help from FIL who took B to his game, we got everything done.

DH took A to ballet and they headed straight to the baseball game. Lucky ducks got to see a fabulous win.

I took the boys to Fall Fling and the Atiles/Mendez Halloween party. I didn't remember to take photos but I was lucky to have friends with cameras. J spent his whole time at Fall Fling at the petting zoo. He is now dying for a snake. (Sorry Kristin!)


B got his face painted at Fall Fling & took his werewolf hat off quickly at the party so his costume confused a few people. He wasn't too happy when they couldn't figure out what he was. Spiderman? Wolfman?



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Kristin said...

Oh. I am speechless. Did you scrub him down afterwards???? You are a much braver mom than I am!!