Friday, November 19, 2010


For years I suggested that A read the Harry Potter books. She always said no. Finally this August she started the series and read all seven books, twice. She has been obsessed with Harry ever since. She and her friend have been counting down to the movie since September.

On Tuesday her lucky dreams came true when a friend of J's mom called. Her husband's company rented out two movie theaters to show the movie on Thursday night at 7pm. She invited me & A and a friend to go see the movie. In exchange, DH watched her son for the evening. It was a great trade.

You should have heard the squeals from A & her friend when they heard that they were going on Thursday night!! They dressed up for the occasion.


I enjoyed the movie. It's been years since I've read the books and didn't remember much, but I was disappointed when it was over. I don't want to wait until July to see the end!

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