Monday, November 15, 2010

Learning to ride a bike, Take 3

Earlier this year we ordered a balance bike for B. It was suppose to arrive in April, then May, then sometime soon. Eventually it arrived in September. It not only arrived once, it arrived twice. B really liked both his little blue and his little red balance bike. After a few afternoons on the balance bikes, he was asking for a bike with pedals. DH obliged and it has been difficult to get him off the bike ever since. In fact he's decided his little bike is too little and he's taken over J's bike.



I can't believe he's riding a two wheeler before 5 years old. John was over 5. Poor A was almost seven. I blame that on our old house that was on a busy street. She only had the length of our drive to attempt to learn and it was not long enough. I waited until the spring after we moved into this house to force her to do it. Poor A, too, because she learned pre-blog. I don't have pictures of her first ride immortalized on the internet. She's probably happy about that!

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