Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Texas Breakfast

This summer DH bought me too many tomato & jalapeno plants. Our tomato plants produced 2 quarter sized tomatoes but we have an overabundance of peppers. I've sent two bags of peppers to the school where sister#2 used to work. The lunch ladies are hispanic and they make a mean salsa.

Last night DH remembered he got a pepper cooker for Christmas from an old boss. This morning he decided to make stuffed jalapenos. This is definitely not my first choice for breakfast, but they were tasty.


The cooker worked well in the oven but it was taking too long so he fired up the grill.


I guess I can't complain about too many jalapenos anymore.


Kristin said...

They look so cute lined up on the grill - like lemmings off to meet their fate. Is everything in Texas cooked with bacon?

Susan said...

Wait... let me get this straight. Your HUSBAND decided this morning to make stuffed jalapenos? And when the oven took too long he FIRED UP THE GRILL? From which planet did you steal this man?

They look awesome, by the way.