Sunday, June 1, 2008

the Weekend

Friday night: Pool Party. Nice time. I didn't have to swim.

Dance Recital. A did very well. This is her kitty cat costume for the ballet dance.

Indoor Soccer. A did fine. Its been awhile since she played so was a little rusty. The score was 20-something to 7. Better than the first game she missed which was 20-something to 1.

T-ball game. Way too darn hot. It was in the mid 90s. J did well. He got a couple of force outs at 3rd base and he scored 2 runs.

Suite at the Rangers game. This was the "Don't bring your brother-in-law to the school fund raiser because you end up spending a lot of money on a night at the ballpark" event. It was a fun evening, an interesting mix of people. There was a fireworks show at the end. I think everyone had a good time.

Church. Nursery is closed for the summer so this was B's first time to church since Easter. He did well. Except for DH taking him out of church after communion. I don't want to start that habit.

Gardening. DH took A&J to a birthday party at Texas Stadium. I had the afternoon for digging in the dirt. I let the bed go last year until basically today. I spent most of my 4 hours digging grass and weeds out of the bed. I planted a couple of rocks for stepping stones. I got the 7 jalepeno plants 3 of six tomato plants in the ground and mulched everything. The heat finally got to me. Here's a pic.


P.S. Click the jalepeno plant and see it big!

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Kristin said...

I don't think jalapeno plants would grow in Seattle.