Monday, September 22, 2008

Her first batch

Friday night DH took J to his first Jesuit game. A got to do what she's been asking to do for awhile. She baked cookies all by herself.

I told her earlier in the week that she could bake on Friday night. I was sworn to secrecy because she was afraid that the cookies would turn out bad. If she told DH & J that she was baking cookies and they turned out bad, then they would come home and want to have a cookie. She couldn't bear the thought of having to tell them that her cookies were bad and she had to throw them out. (Like I would throw them out even if they did taste bad! I told DH her logic, he said she gets her pessimism from her mother. I wonder where he got that idea??)

She did a terrific job in the kitchen. She made the cookies and they turned out delicious. She had no reason to fear her baking abilities. I did help here and there. I showed her how to pack the brown sugar. I showed her how to get just the yolk from the egg. She did the rest.

Following directions.

Good recipes are always splattered.

My favorite lesson, baking always includes cleaning.

I didn't get pictures of her actual cookies. They didn't last long enough!

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