Monday, September 30, 2013


We've had a day or two of rain the in past few weeks. My garden had pretty much wilted in the August & September heat. I didn't think much of it until A sent me a text with a picture of a massive zucchini.

massive zucchini

See it was massive. 4+ lbs of zucchini. I put it on the counter intending to do something with it. In the mean time, it rained again.

massive zucchini

massive zucchini

Then we got these two zucchinis. 7+ lbs of zucchini total.

Finally Sunday, I had to do something about them before they went to waste. Never before have I been so glad to own a cuisinart food processor. It made quick work of those huge squash.

massive zucchini

I froze 6 bags of the shreds. After all that work, I had to make something right away. I also had some overripe bananas on the counter. I love google. After a quick search, I had a recipe.

browneyedbaker zucchini-banana bread

An hour or so later, I had zucchini-banana bread. Yum!

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