Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cub Scouts

boys digging at the lake

boys on paddleboat

B's cub scout den is back in the swing of things. (I was selfishly hoping that he would drop scouts this year, just for my own schedule. He likes it and wanted to continue so we did.)

Over Labor Day, they had a camp-out weekend, or should I say lake-out weekend. One of the families invited the boys and a parent to come out for the weekend. We hemmed and hawed about whether we would go or not. Finally DH found out they had cable and brand new big screen tv. That was enough incentive for him.  Lake, boating and football.

They all had a good time. B went water skiing. The boys went on an adventure, taking the paddle boat way across the lake to an island. They swam, looked around the island and found dog prints. They thought it was pretty cool.

water buffalo

water buffalo

xo ranch horseback riding

xo ranch horseback riding

xo ranch horseback riding

xo ranch horseback riding

Last weekend they got together to earn their horseback riding belt loop. The leader's sister rides a lot and she hosted the event.

They had to watch the horse get saddles, brush the horses,  learn all the horse body parts. After all that they got to go for a ride. B also stuck his finger up the nose of a water buffalo. (I think that was a water buffalo!)

larvae in a log

blurry black widow

brown and yellow garden spider

I think B got most excited about the 'worm' he found in a log. I like the spiders, huge brown and yellow garden spider and a blurry black widow.

J just said the blog is all about B now. I think he's correct, but I told him it was because he won't let me take pictures of him anymore. He at least agreed with me.

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