Sunday, June 23, 2013

summer so far

A&J are in DECATS for three weeks again this year. I put B in camps too so he would be busy and DH might be able to get some work done. The first week was golf camp. J did this camp for a couple of years. It is a good one and B had fun. I'll brag on him because he got the best driver and best putter award.

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Last week he went to football camp. Not my favorite thing, but he had a fabulous time. He was camper of the day the first day and got a real game worn jersey. The last day they got to run through the blowup helmet like the football players do before each game.

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This week he's going to basketball camp. A&J have their last week at DECATS. From what I've heard they are both enjoying it too. Maybe they will have some photo worthy events at the end of the week so the blog won't be do B-focused.

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Baseball is finishing up this week. Both boys have 2 games and it's over. Yeah! That's J hitting in his last game with the Carrollton-Farmer Branch league. He got the first hit I saw (and maybe he had) in the spring season. Luckily, I think he's over the mental block he had going and he's hitting better on the Y league team.

Once camps and baseball are done. DH & the kids & the dog are heading to the lake for the 4th. I'm staying home this year. I don't have enough vacation at the new job to make it this year. Next year. I'm disappointed but I'm also looking forward to a week alone. I won't have to feed or do laundry for anyone. I can go to bed whenever I want, and it will probably be early. I can watch whatever tv I want and never change the channel when commercials come on. The little things I will enjoy.

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