Friday, June 14, 2013

Cub Scouts at the Aquarium

B's leader wanted to keep the cub scout den going over the summer. She scheduled an activity a month over the summer. A couple of Sundays ago we went to the Dallas World Aquarium.

 photo 20130602_103609_zps916a5fb7.jpg

 photo 20130602_105923_zpsf754e66a.jpg

 photo 20130602_113719_zpsb611e5a8.jpg

 photo 20130602_102611_zpsc1fd6c4a.jpg

 photo 20130602_111446_zps505bbdcd.jpg

The boys had a lot of fun and it was more interesting that I thought it would be. I love the third picture because I can see in the reflection his excitement watching the sharks feed.

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