Monday, April 12, 2010

playing possum

DH got a wild hair this morning. He has these grand plans for making a kids' den in the attic and is trying to figure out where to put the staircase. He started measuring walls and moving garage stuff out of the way, which quickly led to going through everything on the shelves in the garage and clearing out. I think we're on our way to having a garage sale, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, he opened the door and yelled, "Come out here. Bring your camera, it's blog-worthy!" I wouldn't say DH is a huge fan of the blog, so for him to call something blog-worthy made me hurry.


Up on one of the garage shelves was a baby possom. He trapped it in a beer box. Pretty darn cute in a rat/rodent like way.


He wasn't too thrilled with being trapped in a box. Frankie went over to check him out and almost got nipped on the nose for his curiosity. It had some pretty fierce looking teeth.

DH tipped the box over and it ran off under the fence. Hopefully he won't come back.

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susan said...

AWESOME pics - especially the second one!!!