Tuesday, November 26, 2013


friday evening, i left work to come home. the temperature was hovering around freezing and it was raining. i checked maps and the tollroad was a solid red line. i decided to take a parallel side street to avoid the mess.  i turned left at the first light to go south. i stopped at the next light and realized that i should have turned at the second street. darn. i sat at the light considering what i should do next to get home as quick as possible. the light changed and i started to drive. half way through the intersection i saw a flash in my periphery. i remember saying no, thinking this can't be happening. then there were airbags in my face and smoke and dust and pain. someone ran the red light, at full speed, no brakes.




the police & fire department came to take care of things. the husband drove up to get me. we went straight to the emergency clinic.  i broke my left wrist. boo.


i spent the weekend with my arm in a splint. in pain. lots of pain. i didn't get a doctor appointment until late this afternoon. the first thing the nurse said was 'what the $%^^%^ were they thinking, they splinted the wrong side of your arm.' i broke the radial side, they splinted the ulnar side. no wonder i had so much pain, the break in my wrist was not stabilized. because of that, my arm was quite swollen. the doctor described it as a classic dinner fork break. from the side, my wrist is curved like the side of a fork. dh said looking at my wrist made him queasy, so for the faint of stomach, i made a link to the pictures. click if you choose.

link to wrist 1
link to wrist 2

i was given two choices. fix it or don't fix it. the fix it options is surgery putting a plate and pins in my wrist. i asked what the don't fix it option meant. he would cast it and let it heal all crooked. i asked who chose that option, he said sometimes the elderly. i choose fix it. surgery is scheduled for monday afternoon. fun. in the mean time, they put a cast on to stabilize the break. i chose orange.


now i have to face insurance claims and car shopping. and take more pain killers.

p.s. now you understand why i quit using the shift key. please forgive me.

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susan said...

So sorry! It's bad enough having to car shop, but poor you and your wrist! Glad you're safe and no one was with you. Did the other car stop?