Sunday, July 3, 2011

RIP Fatty

A week or so ago, a neighbor called to ask if we could watch their hamsters while they went on vacation. I said sure. Hamsters can't be that hard to watch and I knew the boys would love it. Of course there was that negative thought in the back of my head, what if we kill them? I quickly put it out by reminding myself it was only for a week and a half.

Last night the cousins came over for dinner. The adults were still sitting at the table when J & his cousin M came in with an awful look on their faces. J said he thought there was something wrong with one of the hamsters, he thought Fatty was dead. He then burst into tears. I went to check while DH & S#2 discretely tried to find out what they did with the hamster. (You gotta make sure they didn't accidentally kill the rodent)

The hamster was dead and their story was genuine. They were playing with the hamster on the floor. They decided to go play something else. They put the hamster back in the cage. He ran to the corner, flopped over and died. Poor Fatty. When I got there Skinny, Fatty's companion, was standing next to him patting him on the chest and sniffing at his mouth. It almost looked like rodent cpr. Skinny looked so sad I almost cried.

I removed Fatty and called the mom and let her know of the demise. J had trouble sleeping all night long. He said he just kept seeing Fatty die. It was a long night. He's feeling better this morning, especially since Skinny seems to be doing okay.

DH tried to see the bright side of things. At least now no one will ask us to look after their rodents anymore.


Kristin said...

Hamster CPR? Oh my goodness.

I'm sorry J took it so hard and had trouble sleeping.

susan said...

Laughed out loud at this one. Definitely no more rodent-sitting for you! I remember when we were kids... we went out of town, the neighbor watched my bro's gerbils. Accidentally let the cat in. End of gerbil.