Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Vacation Part II

Friday we were off to Indianapolis for my dad's family reunion. First we made a quick stop to visit the gateway arch.

The arch

Tram ride up.

At the top

Looking out

Busch Stadium getting ready for the U2 concert

Wow, it was crowded up there

After the Arch, we took off for Indy. Somehow I never pulled out my camera while in Indy. Too much talking and visiting going on and not a single picture to document it.

Friday night we met up with the cousins from Iowa and the cousins from Kazakhstan at the hotel, had dinner at my aunt's house with various cousins, went to a party at another cousin's house.

Saturday DH played a 9 hole golf scramble with some of the family. I took A & 5 cousins to see the final episode of Harry Potter. S#2 took the boys see Winnie the Pooh. S#1 & S#5 went out to lunch and a farmer's market. We ended the day with yet another party at yet another cousin's house. That was a terrific house. They had a massive garden with bee hives, plus a swing set, zip line and trampoline. I was envious. Kids were in heaven.

Sunday most of the family headed to my aunt's lake house outside Columbus, IN. S#1 & family joined us on a trip out the IL's lake house in Missouri. I wish we had been able to join the family in IN but the trip was long and I was glad to have it over during the day instead of driving through the night.


susan said...

I get sick looking at the Arch pics. Never knew it before my siblings visited us in STL and we took a trip to the Arch, but I'm claustrophobic as HELL. Made it through the line to the "elevator". Took one look at that tiny thing, knew it would take FOUR minutes to reach the top and jumped ship. No WAY was I getting on that thing. Luckily, I got my money back :-)

Sarah said...

I didn't have a problem with the "elevator" but all those people at the top, crammed and pushing trying to get a good view out the window stressed me out. I guess I have claustrophobia from crowds instead of enclosures.