Wednesday, April 27, 2011

one down

Tonight we're hanging out. DH suddenly says, Wow, look at that moth! Then something large hits me in the neck. I jumped out of my chair waving my hands like a crazy person. We used a dishcloth to move the moth outside. I grabbed my camera to take pictures.

Polyphemus Silk Moth




You can see the hole in the cocoon in the last picture. I need to go print a picture of the moth so B can take it and the empty cocoon in for show and tell tomorrow.

Only one more cocoon to go. I never did figure out what kind of moth/butterfly it was. I wonder what will emerge.


Kristin said...

A moth hit you in the neck? I'm about to faint. I'm so creeped out!!

Sarah said...

not just any moth. It had a good 5-6 in wing span. It was huge!