Friday, April 22, 2011

Almost painting disaster

Yesterday, I finally finished painting the fireplace. It only took me a month and 18 days. Not bad if you ask me. DH on the other hand wasn't looking forward to the three months it might take for me to finish painting the walls to match. He dared me to paint it last night, offering to roll if I cut in.

We didn't get started until after 4pm because I had to take the kids to the dentist. I finally got home and began painting. I had cut in one small wall to the right of the fireplace and I wanted to cry. It was totally the wrong color. It was blue and it looked awful. I kept holding the paint chip up trying to convince myself that it was going to dry to a nice light grey. I was wrong.

I called DH in the room and told him I hated it. He tried to convince me that it was the paint color and he should go to the store and choose something else. I said absolutely no to that option. I finally opened the other can of paint. It is the color I chose for the foyer and it was from the same strip. One quick blotch of the foyer paint and I knew absolutely that it was the wrong paint.


It was not grey at all, it was blue. DH took the paint back to the store. Store policy was to not take back tinted paint but they agreed that it was very wrong and gave us new paint.


Thank heavens! This color was much better.

By the time we got the paint color right it was after 6:00. I took a quick break for dinner and painted until 11:30.

Since we painted in the dark until the wee hours of the night (for me at least), today we are touching up. A LOT.

Final results to come soon.

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Kristin said...

Wow - you did have a late night! At least you caught it quickly. I would have thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me and probably kept going. Good catch! The rest will go more smoothly!!