Monday, October 25, 2010

How to build a scarecrow by B

This morning as we were driving to preschool, B saw a house decorated for halloween. I missed it because I was driving. (Why do my children get mad at me for not seeing things while I am driving? I'm driving, I'm looking at the road not checking out the halloween decorations!)

He decided that we should make scarecrows for our yard and told me that he knows how to do it. Here are his instructions:

1. Get a big long pole.
2. Get cow food or horse food.
3. Make eyes.
4. Glue them on.
5. Get yarn or stitching stuff.
6. Stick the pole in the ground.

And then you have a scarecrow.

I did have to ask what the yarn or stitching stuff was for. He told it was to make the clothes, with a sigh as if it was so obvious I should have figured it out on my own. At least I knew what cow food was!

If he gets around to making a scarecrow, I'll be sure to take pictures!

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