Sunday, May 16, 2010

He tried

B knows he can manipulate. He's the master of batting the eye and asking sweetly. This works well with MIL. If it doesn't work, he turns to screaming. This works well with DH, anything to stop the yelling works with him. I try not fall for either method, but I'm lucky because he does calm down quickly a majority of the time.

Tonight he tried the first method. I'm in the laundry room getting the uniforms in the wash so I don't have to stay up until midnight to put them in dryer. He walks in and says oh so sweetly.

"Mommy, my heart is telling me to eat cake"

"What did you say?", I asked.

"My heart is telling me to eat cake. My heart tells me what it needs and right now it needs cake."

I held back a laugh and convinced him that 9:00 pm was not the right time for his heart to have cake. His heart could have cake for lunch or for snack tomorrow.

Luckily his heart was able to hold out and I didn't have to suffer through a screaming episode! I give him the cute try at least.

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Bernie said...

Does everyone whose children wear uniforms put them in the wash 9pm on Sunday or are there people out there who are organized enough to have them finished by 9pm on Sunday?