Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday A again

Tonight we had A's birthday party. Six girls + A made for a loud house. DH & the boys exited for the evening, preferring to spent some quality time at Herrera's with friends and some beer (and milk.)

We played games which went over very well.

M&M scavenger hunt. We split up into 3 teams, there were 10 clues. Each girl got 5 m&ms at each spot. The first team got 3 extra, the second 2 extra & third 1 extra. What they didn't know was that the m&m were given point values based on their color. They sorted the m&ms and figured up their scores. A girl on the team that finished last actually won so it was a good twist.

Marshmallow toss. The girls stood in a line with plastic cups while I tossed mini marshmallows at them. The top four moved to the next round with the 3 losers tossing. The top 2 moved to the final round. The girls enjoyed throwing and catching and there weren't any marshmallows ground into my carpet. I probably need to go over the room thoroughly tomorrow before the dog starts finding the ones we missed.

Hula Hoop Contest. Self explanatory

Hide the puppet. One girl hid a small turtle finger puppet in the play room and then started a timer. The other girls had 7 minutes to find it. The hider gave clues when there were 3 minutes left. I was surprised they liked this game. It was just something I made up because the finger puppet was sitting on the counter this afternoon.

We had cake (chocolate chip cake again!) and they are watching Nancy Drew & eating popcorn.

I was too busy to take any pictures. Maybe next year I'll remember to document.

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