Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Great Room Swap

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We made some big decisions about the house this summer. The boys really needed their own rooms. J decided to take DH's office, even though he'll have to walk down the hall to the bathroom. Since J was going to be walking down the hall, he needed access to the hall bath, which was attached to A's room. J would probably rather share a bathroom with his brother than his 14 year old very girly, long-shower-taking, nail-polish-using, smelly-lotion-wearing sister, so B really needed to switch rooms too. The great room swap became J moving into the office, B into A's room and A into the boys' room. We only had a month or so left to get it done before school starts.

Since the boys were going to be gone for a week, I took advantage of their absence to clean out their room. Sunday was the hardest part, debunking the beds by myself. I had my tools, diet coke and hex wrenches. An hour and a half later, with help from A, the task was done. It took me 3 more nights after work to go through all of their stuff and empty their room. Going through 8 years of little boy stuff was not fun!

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