Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We had a great spring break this year. Last year DH & BIL#2 went off to Spring Training for the weekend. They enjoyed it and decided we should go back with the families for Spring Break this year. BIL#2 rented a big house and invited us and another family to join them in Phoenix.

Since Phoenix in only 3 hours away from the Grand Canyon, I convinced DH that we needed to make a side trip. We left Dallas at 4am and drove straight through with only 3 bathrooms stops. We made it in time for sunset. It was an impressive road trip with 3 kids, especially with B who has a teeny bladder once he sits in a car.

The Grand Canyon is awesome. We had a quick visit, less than 24 hours but we made the most of it.

 photo grandcanyon_1_zps1b55bb4d.jpg

 photo sunset_3_zps314c6be1.jpg

After catching the sunset, we checked into the hotel. DH called ahead to confirm our reservation and asked for a room with a view. They told us that not many rooms have a view, but they managed a bit of one.

 photo grandcanyon_2_8_zps6145662f.jpg

We walked down to a cafe to eat dinner and check out the gift shop and then we headed to bed. We were tired.

The next morning we got up and watched the sunrise.

 photo grandcanyon_1_3_zps09a0b2d1.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_1_zps05b6e22d.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_2_zpsea4b6e5c.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_3_zps535794d5.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_4_zpsbef30fd1.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_5_zps9639f03d.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_6_zps517df1e4.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_7_zps514462d9.jpg

 photo morning_5_zps412f1de5.jpg

After a very nice breakfast at the hotel, we purchased souvenirs and headed out. We left the park via the East Entrance and stopped to check out the sites along the way.

 photo grandview_2_zps3a7fb52d.jpg

 photo grandview_1_zps694bfdb9.jpg

We went down 4-5 turns at the Grandview trailhead. A is convinced we need to take a family trip to hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I don't know if that will ever happen!

 photo grandview_4_zps970d6d2d.jpg

 photo grandview_5_zpsef405293.jpg

 photo grandview_7_zpsf67aedda.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_9_zps1faf03bd.jpg

 photo grandview_8_zpsa7e5de58.jpg

After leaving the park, we pulled over at a lookout on some reservation land. Brian was disappointed but he did obey the signs.

 photo grandcanyon_2_14_zps787cf440.jpg

 photo grandcanyon_2_13_zps593e4e88.jpg

It was a good day spent at the Grand Canyon. Maybe someday we will take A's trip!

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