Sunday, March 30, 2014

Garden 2014

My garden has been pretty pitiful. After breaking my wrist in November, I did zero outside chores. All dead plants were left looking dreadful until this weekend.

Even though my wrist isn't near 100%, I couldn't let my garden go this summer. This is pretty much the very last weekend to get tomatoes in the ground and hope for a decent crop. Last year we had a lot of late cold rain and I didn't get them in until mid april. We didn't even get a dozen tomatoes.

This year, since it is still pretty late, I purchased bigger plants. J & DH wanted big 2 lb tomatoes so we got some sort of beefsteak. I don't know what it was, just that it came in a big pot and it is suppose to produce big tomatoes.

I also have dreams of multitudes of Roma tomatoes so I can roast them like some blog post I recently read (but can't find because they cancelled Google Reader and feedly doesn't provide a search within your blog list or maybe they do but you have to pay for it but I can't bring myself to pay for it since I'm still so mad at the demise of Google Reader.)  I bought some Roma tomatoes. They didn't have bigger plants, so I had to buy itty-bitty ones. I don't know what will happen, but I can cross my fingers and hope for the best.

 photo 20140330_120753_1_zpsa883b470.jpg

I also bought a poppy plant because I thought they looked pretty.

 photo 20140330_120741_1_zps77c792be.jpg

Three surprises in the garden.

I planted a hellebore 3 years ago and it isn't amounted to much. It stayed about the same size, but it was never eaten or trampled or killed. It just stayed the same. I looked out the window this week and noticed something white. I was happy to find it wasn't a piece of trash but a flower.

 photo DSC_6391_1_zpsd6c356b5.jpg

The plant doubled in size and is flowering. I guess it just needed time to establish itself.

The second surprise is strawberries. I've planted them every year for the kids and we've never gotten much out of them. The birds get to them before we do. I wasn't planning to plant them again this year. But went I went to rake the leaves out of the bed I uncovered the strawberries from last year growing and already producing!

 photo 20140330_120809_1_zps1d33ae98.jpg

(It is sort of hard to see but under the bright green leaf in top left are two baby green strawberries)

The third surprise. A tiny baby garter snake. It was so cute!

 photo 20140330_120604_1_zpsc0750363.jpg

It was nice to pull some weeds and get some plants in the ground but I can already tell that my wrist isn't happy with me. Off to ice it down!

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