Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bathroom Renovations - paint begins

And we have paint.

A's bath
bathroom renovations

Boy's Bath

bathroom renovations

The tile is definitely less green looking in real life. I blame cell phone and bad lighting. A wanted to keep her bathroom purple. We did go a shade lighter. J wanted the bathroom white. I went with a very light grey. I'm not sure if I will keep it or not. It has a blue hint to it that I'm not sure I like. We were suppose to stain the cabinets. They weren't exactly what I wanted. I wanted overlay doors and we got inset doors. Miscommunication with contractors. All along I've been thinking I should ask for a picture of the cabinets. Darn me for ignoring myself. Instead of staining them and being annoyed by the grain in the face of the cabinets every time I walk in the bathroom, I decided to paint them. Which meant I had to pick a paint color. The floors and the tile were covered up while they textured the balls. I peeled  back the tape on an inch or so of wall and floor while holding the paint chip book up and folding the strips around to compare the wall color to possible cabinet colors. It was difficult, but I decided. As I was typing the email to send to the contractor I changed my mind. I opened up the book of colors, picked a new one and sent the email. I showed DH afterwards and he approved. Fingers crossed it works out.

They still have to paint the trim and the cabinets. The countertop guy was here on Monday to measure. The sinks and fixtures are in the boys' room. I can see an end. Of course I still have to purchase knobs/pull/towel hooks.

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