Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving thanks

Friday we had our second annual Giving Thanks Clean Out.  since we did it last year, it can be an annual thing and I decided that I should name it.

We had a nice morning with a little shopping, going to see the movie Hugo and relaxing.  In mid afternoon, we gathered together to clean the playroom.  We sorted though all the toys making piles to toss, keep and donate.  The cabinets were totally cleaned out.

We set aside some toys to keep but put away.  My Little People collection will be packed away and put in the garage or attic.  Yes, that is my Little People collection because I love them way more then that kids ever did.

The arts & crafts cabinet was cleared.  All the half used coloring books, scribbled on papers, scraps of construction paper, dried out glitter pens and play dough are gone.  I need to sort through it again.  I didn't allow DH to touch my arts & crafts cabinet so there is more to organize.  Some of the stuff in my cabinet is probably allowed in the kids cabinet now.  I hope that now that B is almost 6, we're past the write on/spill anything and everything phase.  Fingers crossed. 

We kept a small stash of baby toys accessible for when others bring their babies to our house.

Toys that they insisted on keeping on last year but hadn't been touched since were put in the donate pile.  I had to keep B way from the donate pile.  He kept finding things he had to have.  There were several things they wanted to keep that I snuck back into the donate pile.  I did this last year and they still haven't noticed that the toys are missing.  I think I'm safe.

In the end we had a big pile of stuff to donate.


Hopefully there will be other kids out there who will love and play with the toys as much (or more than) the kids did.  We gave thanks for the plenty we have and prayed for those who don't.

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