Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meatball Stoganoff Results

Women's Day March 2006

Recipe: make meatballs with ground chicken & saute, remove meatballs & saute mushrooms. Add can of beef gravy & sherry. Add meatballs back, cover & saute. Take off heat and add sour cream & dill. Serve over noodles.

Changes: I can't say that I actually made this dish. I didn't have ground chicken, I used ground beef. I didn't have beef gravy or sherry. I used beef broth & pinot grigio. I didn't have sour cream. I added a can of cream of mushroom soup.

Results: I overcooked the meatballs. I wasn't paying attention to the time when sauteing them. Oh well.

A hated every bit of the meal especially the mushrooms.

DH liked it but said since A didn't like it maybe we should stick to Hamburger Helper. The point for me was to not make Hamburger Helper.

J thought it was good and even ate some of the mushrooms.

B ate the meatballs and threw the rest, but he's only 19 months. He doesn't really count yet.

I kept the recipe but I don't know if/when I'll make it again. If I do, I won't make the meatballs, I'll just cook the mixture like ground beef. And I'll chop the mushrooms smaller. Then maybe it will look more like Hamburger Helper and A will be happier.

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