Monday, June 2, 2014

End of the Year

The boys had to go to school for a week longer than A. They were excited for it to be over. The last day is mass, awards ceremony & 10:30 release.

Since A had her post of graduation accolades, I have to make a post for the boys.

J got two awards, one for reading & one for art. Cousin M got one for religion.

 photo 20140530_092825_1_zpsefc483bf.jpg

 photo 20140530_092925_1_zps52876c5d.jpg

I found out that when I got home, J actually got the award for science. The same teacher teaches both classes and I guess there was a mixup.

In 2nd grade, they don't do academic awards. B's teacher did make up awards for each kid. B got the Daring Dancer Award, because he's never afraid to "Bust a Move"

 photo 20140531_215728_1_zps5b572916.jpg

It was a good school year for everyone, but we're looking forward to a nice break for the summer.

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