Monday, June 9, 2014


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We had a full weekend. Friday night was the party for my 25th high school reunion.

Saturday morning I spent some time in the garden. The recent rains made everything grow big. I dug out one of the volunteer pumpkin plants. The one I left is growing some funky looking gourds. I hope they keep growing. An animal squashed my tomato plants trying to get to the ripe ones at the base. I pulled a couple of plants that were dropping flowers and not setting fruit. We have tons of romas still growing, despite the animal destruction. I cut back the turk's cap that was taking over most of the bed. In the end I had a sizable pile of trimmings.

Saturday afternoon I went to lunch for the 25th reunion at the Rustic. I had never been there before; it is a great place for an afternoon for some food and music. I took A & E with me and they really enjoyed their food. Afterwards, we went to see The Fault in Our Stars. A sobbed through the second half of the movie. E giggled at A sobbing. I shred a few tears but kept my wailing on the inside.

Sunday, S#5 called to let us know the new Trader Joe's opened at Inwood & Lovers. A & J & I went to check it out. It is a small store but it has the important stuff, dark chocolate peanut butter cups. We didn't just get chocolate. Fruit, bread, tea and curry sauce they had on sample also made it into our cart too.

In between everything I did, DH & the boys went to baseball practice, baseball batting practice, a Rangers game and a TCU Super Regional game. It was a full weekend.

Now onto the full week. So much for the slower pace of summer.

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