Thursday, January 27, 2011

wish fulfilled

I've been itching for a new bag for awhile now.  I've been looking for one for months.  I've seen a few online I think I like but when I see them in person, not so much.

I got a gift certificate for Christmas that's been burning a hole in my wallet.  The boys went to basketball practice and A & I went to the new Dooney & Bourke store at the Galleria to check out a sale.

I got this but in orange for half price!  I'm so excited.  DH is happy because I didn't use his money and it isn't burnt orange, a.k.a. UT orange.

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Kristin said...

Ooh! We need real pictures of the actual bag! I knew a woman who always used an orange purse and it was just the right shade so that it worked as a neutral - it went with everything - and yet it was not black (which I always tend to default to).