Friday, February 7, 2014

January & February

DH sent me pictures. I think it was a hint to get back to the blog. I took it.

Here are his photos from Jan & the first week of February. 

All dressed up for the dance

 photo A_JA_Dance_1_zpse4b3e8c3.jpg

A signed up for Junior Assembly. It is a group that sponsors dances for the 8th graders from area Catholic grade schools. I think the intention is for the kids to interact and get to know each other before high school. I don't think it works that way. A says hello to the kids she knows from other schools and then hangs out with her friends from school.

Skating at Clyde Warren Park

 photo B_Skating_Clyde_Warren_1_zps82df3a21.jpg

Refreshments at Katy Trail Ice House

 photo DH_A_Katy_Trail_Ice_House_1_zps459811a2.jpg

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at school. They had a half day. After a quick lunch, they all went out with the ILs. They went downtown to the Clyde Warren Park. B stayed to ice skate on the plastic rink. The others went to the DMA for Hopper Drawings exhibit. Afterwards they stopped at the Katy Trail Ice House for refreshments. And no, that isn't A's drink, it is DH's.

Snow in Dallas

 photo February_Sledding_1_zpsbbe00da8.jpg

 photo February_Sledding2_1_zps9f59f0b9.jpg

This morning it started snowing as I was driving the kids to school. I picked up the band instruments and dropped off my niece's trombone at S#2's house. I stayed to talk for 10-15 minutes and then headed to work. At the first light, a truck slid into the intersection blocking all northbound traffic. At the second, the car in front of me tried to turn right and went straight instead. That was enough for me. I didn't want another broken wrist and I was much closer to home. I turned around and worked from home.

The snow continued all morning long. School decided to have an early release at 1:00. DH picked up the kids and took them sledding at the community college. They have decent hills for Texas. There wasn't much snow, but they said it was good for sledding. 

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