Thursday, February 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

a month or so late!

Oops. It's been over a month since I posted last. When I wrote the ICE! post I was on my death bed, day 4 of a 6 day bout with the flu. The six days was just the time spent in bed; it did not include another week or so of feeling better than miserable, but not by much. My lingering cough has finally quit lingering, I think. The flu accounted for a few weeks of blog avoidance. The rest of the time has been spent manipulating my broken wrist, trying to make it work like a wrist again. It's depressing. I dread it and I haven't been doing it enough. P/T lady told me I need to spread my exercises out through out the day to improve my motion. Try working a full time job & three kids and see if she can spread her exercises out through out the day. Good luck.

On to happier times, here are pictures of Christmas. Tonight is the first time I've looked at these pictures. I set the camera down that morning and haven't picked it up until now.

Before the rush
 photo DSC_6264_1_zpsfae763f9.jpg

Boys are excited
 photo DSC_6265_1_zps168e0a7d.jpg

A horrified by a camera so early in the morning
 photo DSC_6267_1_zps5b2899e3.jpg

B was excited by his Dempsey jersey
 photo DSC_6268_1_zpsa0f2a000.jpg

Frankie found his present under the tree all by himself
 photo DSC_6269_1_zps45ef52b9.jpg

He was very proud of his new squeaky ball
 photo DSC_6270_1_zps4fe16d7a.jpg

And they're done!
 photo DSC_6272_1_zpsc7eb37ed.jpg

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