Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Frankie's favorite new pastime, treeing squirrels.




On Saturday he sat at the base of the tree for 30+minutes. We had to leave and he wouldn't go inside. We yelled 'treat' which generally gets him super excited. Nope, he turned his head and went right back to the tree. We took the treat outside to him. He walked toward it. The squirrel saw his chance and tried to make a move. Frankie ran right back to sit under the tree. It took several treats and lots of yelling by DH and the children to finally get him in.

Today, he sat under the tree guarding another squirrel. The squirrel "barked" at him. Frankie barked right back.  They kept it up for awhile. It started to rain, DH & I went inside and Frankie finally gave up and came inside. The storms have finally passed and he's abck out there sniffing for a new one.


Hannah said...

Awww that's so adorable! I wonder, does he want to eat it, or play with it?

susan said...

I HATE, HATE, HATE the squirrels around here! We have them by the truckload and Cheerio loves to stalk and chase them. They run from her, then chatter at her from the tree limbs. Makes her bark, which the neighbors hate, which makes me hate, and drives me INSANE.

Kristin said...

My kids love this story! Good job Frankie!